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Big Mistake!

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Was very proud of myself. I have managed to memorise 1 - 118 elements of the periodic table. I can name all of them in sequence or randomly. How did I do it?... READ MORE

Memorising Multiple Numbers

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I thought I would have a go at memorising multiple numbers. This was my first attempt therefore, I didn't set a time limit. I used my major system which I adapted to include action... READ MORE

Images 7

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Just managed to recall 16 random images in 60 seconds and reached Level 7 in Memory League – memorising random images on Art of memory website  On level 7 I have to remember 18... READ MORE

Mini Shopping List

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  Had to go to shop today and by batteries, cat food, eggs and bread. This is my image/story to remember my mini shopping list. Click on pic to run my masterpiece. This... READ MORE