X-Ray Department

Location: Main Mind Palace (second room on left) → Hospital Mind Palace (Ground floor)

Topic: Memorising Bones of the Body →

Memory systems: Method of loci (Mind Palace), Story Method,  Word association.

If I need to recall the name of a bone I imagine going in my main mind palace - second room - where the Hospital Palace is located, in my mind I go to the x-ray department where I store the bones of the body. I take an imaginary journey through the x-ray department. Following the arrows. My first location is the waiting room here I store the names of the skull bones. Primarily, using the story method memory system to associate images to the names of each bone, I can recall the names of the skull bones. Each area in the department relates to memorising a part of the skeletal system  as follows.

  • Waiting Room - Skull
  • Reception - Thorax
  • X-ray room - Pelvis
  • In-Patient Waiting area - Arm
  • Nurses Station - Hand
  • CT room - leg
  • Office - foot

To see how I have developed stories to recall the names of the bones click here → then click on the relevant image.