Mind Palace......aka Memory Palace, Method of Loci, Memory Journey.

Brain containing mind palace


What is a Mind Palace?

It's an area or multiple areas that you know well and can easily imagine yourself walking through. You must be able to identify objects located along the pathway in the order they occur- for example chair, TV, Window, table. The Palace can be your house, a shop, your work place, route to work ......anywhere that you are familiar with and can imagine taking exactly the same route every time. The objects in your palace are loci (locus plural). On those objects are where you place images and links of the information you want to remember. An example is as follows:

It is crucial in my line of work that I remember the 6 therapies implemented in a diagnosis of sepsis. These are Oxygen, Bloods cultures, Antibiotics, full blood count and lactate, Intravenous fluids, monitor urine output.

I'm going to use my garden shed as an example of a mind palace I could use to remember the sepsis 6.
First I would recommend you always create your imaginary journey in the same direction . I always work left to right (clockwise).

Direction to memorise left to right

The objects in my shed are Lawn mower, window, paint, shovel, workbench and barbecue.

shed with objects in

  1. Lawn Mower
  2. Window (generally I work top to bottom)
  3. paint
  4. shovel
  5. workbench
  6. Barbecue.

Now I want to add my sepsis 6 to each object - making it as silly as possible. When visualising each image try and give it an action. Think of any smells, emotions, textures or patterns that might be associated with your image. This will help to make the image stick in the brain and make it easier to recall when you go for an imaginary stroll around your mind palace - in this case my shed.

LOCI(object) SEPTIC 6 (Image) Description of stored Image
Lawn Mower Oxygen. Lawn mower is exhausted after busy day mowing the lawn. I visualise the mower breathing heavily. It has an oxygen mask on and I can hear the oxygen hissing. 
Window Blood Cultures. Boy George from Culture Club has cut his finger on  broken glass from window pane. He's singing "do you really wanna hurt me". Blood is oozing down the window.
Paint Antibiotics.  Anti - I think of Auntie. Botics I think of Robotics. Auntie is painting the shed wall in a robotic motion. I can smell the paint.
Shovel Bloods and Lactate . Its a female shovel with giant boobs lactating blood instead of milk (how can you forget that! I did say be as silly as you can!).
Workbench Intravenous fluids. Patient lying on the bench, looking uncomfortable  and dehydrated.
Has IV fluids infusing.
Barbecue Monitor urine output   Peas sizzling on the barbecue   😆  🙄 

All the images are ridiculously silly. Therefore it only takes a few imaginary trips around the shed and they become quite firmly stuck in the brain. As long as I remember the sepsis six are in the shed I can quickly recall them with ease. It is astounding how many images you can remember using this method as long as you can do an imaginary journey in a set pathway and know the objects (loci) along that path.

Eventually you can design a main palace with multiple palaces in it. I'm in the process of developing a simple palace with (at present) only 8 doors. Within one of those doors is my house palace which holds my major number system in the next is my work palace - a huge general hospital which as you can imagine has many many departments and with a vast amount of loci. I'm using this to store work related information. Next I have a room holding a game I like playing - "Fallout Shelter" which has several rooms within the shelter in the game, all of which can hold large amounts of info. That is just three rooms which link  to very large "sub palaces". potentially you can create a massive network.

It's easy to find information if you develop a filing system for example. If I want to remember the name of a bone in the body I know to go to the hospital palace in room 2 of my main place.  Then to the X-ray department where each room holds the names of bones - the bones of the skull are located in the waiting room. "Mr bones" is waiting there and I have a story link system about "Mr bones" to remember the skull bones.

If I need to remember a medication, I'm developing a system within the pharmacy of the hospital palace. Here I am using an adapted system similar to the PAO system using an Animal, item of clothing, method of transport.

It really works! If it works for me, a person who has a job sometimes remembering her own name, It can work for almost anyone. I was doing a medication round only the other day and came across a drug I had never used before, Fortunately it was one that I had memorised in my hospital/pharmacy palace. Within seconds my brain had accessed the right location and I knew what the medication was and what it was used for. If I had not started using memorising methods I would not have had a clue resulting in precious worktime lost looking it up.

I will be adding more info and examples to the site as time allows and as I develop my systems.

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