Memorising Multiple Numbers

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I thought I would have a go at memorising multiple numbers. This was my first attempt therefore, I didn't set a time limit. I used my major system which I adapted to include action and object eg. 22 = Nun reading prayerbook  11 = Dad cooking Dinner  30 = Mouse cleaning whiskers. This allows me to memorise a 6 digit number per image -  for 221130 you take major system word for 22 = Nun, action word for 11 = cooking and object word from 30 = whiskers This gives you - Nun cooking whiskers. This can conjure up some very weird, but memorable images. Below shows how I did - not bad for my first attempt for 240 numbers.

The upper grid are the numbers I attempted to memorise. Underneath show the numbers I entered in my attempt.

  •        The numbers highlighted in green are the ones I got right.
  •        The numbers highlighted in yellow show the right sequence but wrong location.
  •       The numbers highlighted in red are wrong.

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