How to create a mind palace:

learn more - "What is a mind palace?" example of how to create one.
Main mind palace with sub-palaces
Main Palace

Ok, I know my artistic talents are not great! 😳 Although it doesn't look much, and thus far I only have three rooms, this simple pic is the hub for all sub-palaces and my minds gateway for all the information I have memorised - which is actually quite a lot. Each room takes me to a sub-palace where different methods and memory systems are used to recall memorised information.

I start at the steps at the bottom of the pic (yes they are supposed to be steps!).

In the first room on the left: In here I keep my "House Palace" which holds the number Major system - all my images that relate to numbers 00 - 99.

  • a cup of tea - which is number 1 in my Major System (memory system for numbers)
  • a house

In the second room on the left: This is my work place palace - a very large hospital with many departments.

  • a red X which reminds me of the word NO - this relates to number 2.
  • a medical cross Indicating a hospital.

Third room: This is a game I play "Fallout Shelter" by Bethesda - which has several shelter rooms that are great to store memory images and links.

  • Moo is number 3
  • Man falling out of tree - remind me of "Fallout"

I did wonder if it was necessary to have a "Main mind Palace" but on reflection, I believe it's an important aspect of learning to memorise. As I have emphasised before - it is really important to have structure and a good filing system in your memory to recall the information otherwise the information could merge together, become confusing or completely get lost in the gray matter between your ears. At present when recalling information I don't consciously think of the pathway starting from the main palace. For example to remember the name of a bone in the body I already know the information I need is in my minds x-ray department in the hospital palace where "Mr Bones" provides me with the information through the story link method. My brain automatically goes there without doing an imaginary journey from the steps of the main palace. However, I imagine as the network of palaces grows and become more complex, it is likely that remembering where information is located will become more difficult. Hence, the need to follow through a structured pathway/journey