In the Beginning.

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It all began with Sherlock, a series I thoroughly enjoyed despite the long waits between each series.It sparked off my curiosity; Can a person really retain that much information then recall it at the drop of a hat? After doing a bit of research it appears that to a certain extent- yes, they can. Many videos, articles and websites later I pondered on how helpful it would be, as a registered nurse, if I could quickly recall patients' names, treatments, care plans etc.; Remember anatomy, the extension/page numbers of all the departments and health care professionals, the normal parameters for blood results...the list is endless. Finding Art of Memory website has opened doors in helping me improve my memory. There is tons of information on techniques and tips to find memory methods that suit you. I joined at the beginning of 2017, and have since found this subject, which i thought might be quite boring, to be a lot of fun and extremely useful in my job and personal life. For example, I could never remember my mobile number - now with a very silly story, that is actually going to be difficult to forget, I can remember the number easily.

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