How to create a mind palace:

learn more - "What is a mind palace?" example of how to create one.

House Mind Palace Location: Main Mind Palace first room on the left. 

Palace content: Number system

Memory systems used: Major system, Method of loci (Mind Palace)

Here is my House Palace layout where I store my Major number system, each number relates to an image starting at the garden gate 00 all the way round the house to the last locus in the upstairs bath room number 99 - the toilet! The layout is described below and how each number relates to an image which in turn helps me memorise numbers. See my number to image table

  • In the first picture, starting at the garden gate = 00 front patio = 01 corner alcove wall =02 window = 03........and so forth..... down the drive and around the back garden to 09.......then 0 starts at the back door into the house.
  •  Next picture, 0 - 30  from the back door into a small hallway that includes a toilet on the left. From the hall  is the kitchen.
  •  31 - 45 is in the living room
  •  46 - 52 covers the front door stairs and hall.
  •  53 - 62 sons bedroom
  •  63 - 79  my room
  •  80 - 90 daughters room
  •  91 - 99  bathroom.
Each number is converted into an image using the Major System by changing numbers to letter sounds using phonetics, resulting in creating a word.
In my Major system 00 is sauce. The locus for this is the garden gates - I visualise a large bottle of tomato ketchup blocking my front gate with red sauce exploding out of the top.
01 - seed  - on the front patio a big brown seed rolling around because it has no soil.
02 - Sun - this is a dark spot in the garden so I imagine a large sun lighting up this corner.
03 - Sumo - not many people have a Sumo wrestler posed outside their patio window!
04 - sore - I have an arm with some open sores holding up my porch.
05 - soil - Huge mound of soil blocks my driveway and entrance to the  backdoor.
so on and so on until you have images throughout the house
93 - in my bath is a bare bum!
94 - my shower is a spitting bear
95 - a beach ball is stuffed in bathroom cabinet
96 - in the sink is a hairy bush - (we won't elaborate on that)
97 - book drying on radiator
98 - joint of beef on the window sill
99 - baby sat on the loo
so say for instance I want to remember "Auntie Gert's" phone number which might be 930402.
first break it down into 3 two digit numbers
93 = bum       04= sore    02= sun
order is important otherwise you might get the numbers mixed up. Therefore, I would visualise Auntie Gert out in the garden lying in a hammock with a bare bum which is getting sore from sunburn.
Now who can forget that image!!!!
When I want to remember Aunt Gert's number I visualise the image think of bum-which converts to 93, getting sore = 04, in the sun = 02. Aunt Gert's number = 930402.
Image Source

Image Source
OpenClickartVectors -Via Pixabay.



The madder, sillier, absurder you make the image the more likely you will remember it  -
Thus, if i have another palace set aside for tel numbers, Aunt Gert might be in there with her sunburn.