How to create a mind palace:

learn more - "What is a mind palace?" example of how to create one.

Hospital Mind Palace Location:

Main Mind Palace second room on the left. 

The Hospital Mind Palace has 5 floors and many additional sites away from the main building. Therefore, it has thousands of loci and the potential for me to memorise a vast amount of information. I intend to memorise, where possible, information that relates to the department. This will make it easier to locate in my memory's mind palaces' when I need to recall it. Each department will link to a project page on the site where I will demonstrate the methods and systems used to memorise the information. It is important to remember that these methods are personal to my bizarre, crazy thought processes and are only intended  to act as a guide to memory techniques and provide ideas  - for you to develop your own looney, wacko memory images/stories. 

Lower Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Pharmacy - The department I go to in my mind to recall the names of medications.

Hospital Palace - Pharmacy
Hospital Palace - Pharmacy

The memory systems used is a type of mnemonic Alphabet System combined with
word association and the story method.


Pharmacy Mind Palace 

Project: Memorising Medications.

The X-ray department is where I go in my mind to recall the names of the bones in the body.

X-ray Department - Hospital Palace
Hospital Palace - X-ray Departmen

I use a mnemonic linking story method primarily, also the method of Loci using the skeleton to attach images - to aid recall. The method of recall features "Mr Bones" who pays the X-ray department a visit. His imaginary journey through the department results in parts of the skeleton memorised depending on the area he is visiting - for example the waiting room is where the skull bones are recalled.


X-Ray Mind Palace.

Project: Memorising Bones of the body

A & E - My intention is to have emergency info stored at this location. At present I have not started to memory process but will update this as and when the opportunity arises.