Big Mistake!

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Was very proud of myself. I have managed to memorise 1 – 118 elements of the periodic table. I can name all of them in sequence or randomly. How did I do it? I used my House Palace. I got … Continued

Images 7

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Just managed to recall 16 random images in 60 seconds and reached Level 7 in Memory League – memorising random images on Art of memory website  On level 7 I have to remember 18 images in 60 seconds. Need to practice … Continued

Mini Shopping List

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  Had to go to shop today and by batteries, cat food, eggs and bread. This is my image/story to remember my mini shopping list. Click on pic to run my masterpiece. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered … Continued


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  Image Source: 3dman_eu. Via Pixabay   I have not posted in the diary for a while. I have been busy building my mind palaces and trying to get the website up to date. I started memory training in Jan … Continued

Level up!

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Image source via Pixabay Just reached level 5 in Art of Memory, Memory League memorising numbers ….24 numbers in 60 seconds and 3 minutes to recall them. I have been trying for ages. That goes to show that perseverance  and practice … Continued

Getting Started

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If you are like me you will want to have memorised an entire encyclopedia within half an hour! You have to be patient and willing to put effort in to begin with. Once you have grasped a couple of the … Continued

In the Beginning.

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It all began with Sherlock, a series I thoroughly enjoyed despite the long waits between each series.It sparked off my curiosity; Can a person really retain that much information then recall it at the drop of a hat? After doing … Continued