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Welcome to Mind Maximum Discussions Board.

Managing Mind Maximum website is a hobby - where I (Snooky) record my progress in memorising information. Please remember that this is only a personal website and the time I have available to monitor posts on the discussion board is limited. It is my intention to provide a discussion board where people can discuss, share and ask questions on topics related to memorising - in a friendly environment.  Therefore, please keep to the appropriate topics when posting. I do not accept responsibility for the content posted by others on this discussion board or the content accessed via links to other websites – the content is the sole responsibility of the owner/author. Content on this discussion board may be edited or deleted at my discretion if considered irrelevant, inappropriate or disregarding the discussion board rules.  Please read, and adhere to the following rules when posting on the discussion board.

Discussion Board Rules.

1.       Please treat other users with respect regarding differences of opinion, values and beliefs.

2.       No Flaming, Bullying, harassing or racial comments.

3.       Please do not spam. Eg Advertising or irrelevant posts.

4.       Please be mindful of post content that could be construed as offensive. e.g. persistent foul language, adult content.

5.       You are advised not to give out personal information on the discussion board. If you choose to ignore this advice, I will not be held responsible for any consequences from the information divulged.


Please read and note that the website terms and conditions including the privacy statement also apply to the discussion board.

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