Big Mistake!

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Was very proud of myself. I have managed to memorise 1 - 118 elements of the periodic table. I can name all of them in sequence or randomly. How did I do it? I used my House Palace. I got too clever and believed that I knew the Major system to recall numbers (located also in my House Palace) sooo well I no longer needed the the loci to remember it. Big mistake! I have "attached" elements of the periodic table to the images relating to numbers.


Number 74 = CAR located in my bedroom by the chest of draws.

Number 74 in the periodic table is Tungsten 

So i visualise tongues in the car - ten of them. 

Art of Memory website advice from several memorist and members - don't mix up your memory palaces! Did I listen? NO! 

Now I have just tried to memorise 30 numbers in 60 seconds and failed miserably. Went to do a major systems recall check on my memory systems and found all my images were mixed in my mind and I had to think hard what the image was for certain numbers. Images of the periodic table were getting in the way. So back to the drawing board - I'm going to develop another mind palace for the periodic table but it might need a bit of practice to forget the mixed images with the periodic table in my House Palace. Oh well! Lesson Learnt. 

Memorising Multiple Numbers

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I thought I would have a go at memorising multiple numbers. This was my first attempt therefore, I didn't set a time limit. I used my major system which I adapted to include action and object eg. 22 = Nun reading prayerbook  11 = Dad cooking Dinner  30 = Mouse cleaning whiskers. This allows me to memorise a 6 digit number per image -  for 221130 you take major system word for 22 = Nun, action word for 11 = cooking and object word from 30 = whiskers This gives you - Nun cooking whiskers. This can conjure up some very weird, but memorable images. Below shows how I did - not bad for my first attempt for 240 numbers.

The upper grid are the numbers I attempted to memorise. Underneath show the numbers I entered in my attempt.

  •        The numbers highlighted in green are the ones I got right.
  •        The numbers highlighted in yellow show the right sequence but wrong location.
  •       The numbers highlighted in red are wrong.

Images 7

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Images Level 7

Just managed to recall 16 random images in 60 seconds and reached Level 7 in Memory League – memorising random images on Art of memory website  On level 7 I have to remember 18 images in 60 seconds. Need to practice this one as I find it difficult to remember a whole picture as opposed to a single object or number. Need to find an effective memory method. It might be better to focus on one aspect of the image, for example in a woodland scene focus on one tree and use that as the object to place in mind palace loci or as the subject in a story or peg method, rather than trying to remember the image in its entirety.

Mini Shopping List

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Image Source: OpenClipart-Vectors. Via Pixabay


Had to go to shop today and by batteries, cat food, eggs and bread. This is my image/story to remember my mini shopping list. Click on pic to run my masterpiece.

Simple! Place battery in cat, cat races across floor and lays a fried egg on a slice of toast. needless to say, with that image in my mind I remembered all my items. This is obviously a very small list, just a little example of how absurdly silly you can be.


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I have not posted in the diary for a while. I have been busy building my mind palaces and trying to get the website up to date. I started memory training in Jan 2017 and therefore, have quite a bit of info I want to add to the site before I continue with my projects.I am aware that at present the site is a bit of a muddle with pages/posts published at random. I am working on linking it all together, hopefully it will make more sense.  I intend to create a step by step guide that I consider to be the easiest way of learning to memorise and structuring/filing information.

Here is an overview of page links and what they are about.

Link to Page Description
About Welcome to Mind Maximum Gives an overview of what the site is about and intro into "Mind Palaces". (In my opinion one of the better memory systems)
Diary A journal of progress, information added to site, Anything - tips, silly images/stories, problems solved/unsolved.
Achievements Not a lot here! I have been busy! I intend to give memory training much more attention once the site is up to date.
Memory Systems Discusses memory systems and provides a table of memory systems with links to information and examples on each one. Each system may have respective links to additional help/information/examples. The top bar drop-down menu and side-bar site index menu also give links to individual memory systems.
Projects This is where the fun starts 🙂 . Creating silly absurd ridiculous images and stories to remember "filed" information in my mind palaces. The project on Mind palaces (access also available via drop-down menu and side-bar) is the hub demonstrating where all my silly images/stories are stored. Each area (sub-palace) will be explored looking at the various topics I have memorised and the system used.
Contact Contact me with any questions, suggestions or ideas. I will get back to you as soon as possible

Getting Started

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If you are like me you will want to have memorised an entire encyclopedia within half an hour! You have to be patient and willing to put effort in to begin with. Once you have grasped a couple of the memory systems you will be amazed at the amount of info you can recall.  It is important to remember that we all learn in different ways and some systems may not suit your method of learning. I recommend the website Art of Memory. It has everything you need - systems, techniques, a Wiki with oodles of info, Memory training and loads more. So:

  • take time to read and research the different techniques until you find a method that suits you. 
  • I decided to start with learning to memorise numbers using the Major System. Click the link for a step by step guide to develop your major system to remember numbers

In the Beginning.

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It all began with Sherlock, a series I thoroughly enjoyed despite the long waits between each series.It sparked off my curiosity; Can a person really retain that much information then recall it at the drop of a hat? After doing a bit of research it appears that to a certain extent- yes, they can. Many videos, articles and websites later I pondered on how helpful it would be, as a registered nurse, if I could quickly recall patients' names, treatments, care plans etc.; Remember anatomy, the extension/page numbers of all the departments and health care professionals, the normal parameters for blood results...the list is endless. Finding Art of Memory website has opened doors in helping me improve my memory. There is tons of information on techniques and tips to find memory methods that suit you. I joined at the beginning of 2017, and have since found this subject, which i thought might be quite boring, to be a lot of fun and extremely useful in my job and personal life. For example, I could never remember my mobile number - now with a very silly story, that is actually going to be difficult to forget, I can remember the number easily.