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- Create a mind palace.

Your initial thoughts after reading this "about page" will probably be "What is this nutty woman on about?" However, If you're really interested in improving your memory - follow me, make comments and explore this site as it develops. I would like to think I might be able to help other people to improve their memory, by sharing my experience.....the good methods, the not so good and the absolutely ridiculous - the experts recommend you learn to think of absurd images to remember things. I have had tears of laughter running down my face with some of the things I have managed to think of. So it's by no means boring, it brightens my day and anything that makes you laugh or smile has to be worth giving it a go, and putting in a bit of effort. I started Brain training in Jan 2017. Mind Maximum Diary shares my personal journey in brain training.  My aim is to be able to easily remember information which will make life easier both at home and work; Hopefully, resulting in personal development and an efficient memory.


I had a really good memory in my younger days. It is getting less efficient as the years fly by. Yet, my job is increasingly demanding. The amount of information I need to remember is immense - I'm a registered nurse. I want to be better at my job, I like learning and find it frustrating when I can't remember things-names, numbers, medical conditions.......the list is endless. So I decided to do something about it.


Through Internet searching I discovered that there is a vast amount of information on brain training and memory techniques. Some of the videos I watched on "You Tube" showed amazing people who can remember astronomical amount of information. All the people I've seen claim their memory is no better than the next person; it is a matter of how you store the information in your brain. I found a brilliant website  Art of Memory. In my opinion it is the best site out of all the ones I found in my search.

Overall the salient points that I discovered are:

  • Your brain is like a computer. If a computer didn't have a filing system.....documents, pictures, system, windows ...... all the data would be flailing around in the hard drive and difficult to find. Your brain is the same......information needs to be filed, otherwise it is likely to disappear into the abyss of the brain.
  • The brain remembers the image not the word or number. Think of a house. Chances are you will have something like this
    Image Source

    in your mind....Not the word HOUSE. Having the things you want to recall filed in your brain as images is one of the most important aspects of memorising - the ability to visualise crazy images.

  • The most easy to remember images/stories/links are those that are absurd, weird and unusual. Its much harder to remember things that are "normal" and expected. If you have a good imagination and have the ability to think crazy thoughts you will find memorising "a piece of cake".

With the help of memory techniques, you need to visualise, visualise, visualise - to make the info stick in your brain. Initially it might take a while to recall the images you file in your memory, but eventually they will find a place in your long-term memory filing system and become as easy to remember as ABC, 123.
Examples of memory techniques, systems and methods will be added to this site with explanations of how I have used them in my personal memory journey.

The most common system used to memorise information is Mind Palaces.This is where you use familiar locations and imagine walking through them placing images at certain points in an orderly fashion. It could include your house, school, work place, route to work......anywhere you know well.

I am in the process of creating all my Mind Palaces. I have created a very simple Main Palace. Each room will link to multiple additional palaces to store various topics that I want to memorise; eventually I will create a network of information which acts as a memory filing system in my mind. However, it is important to remember that this network of mind palaces is personal to my thought processes and memory triggers. This site is intended to only provide information on the methods I am using to improve my memory. You are very welcome to use any of my story links or methods, but I have my doubts how well they will stick in your memory;  - if the images and story creations are not your own. Additionally, I recommend that you make your story's', images and links as absurd and ridiculous as you can. This helps tremendously in making the information stick in your memory. We tend to forget things that are normal and run-of-the-mill. Let your imagination run away with you and be as potty, obscene and silly as you can..........

it's good fun. Just keep the nasty and "naughty" memory links locked in your brain or it might be you that gets locked away!