Big Mistake!

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Was very proud of myself. I have managed to memorise 1 - 118 elements of the periodic table. I can name all of them in sequence or randomly. How did I do it? I used my House Palace. I got too clever and believed that I knew the Major system to recall numbers (located also in my House Palace) sooo well I no longer needed the the loci to remember it. Big mistake! I have "attached" elements of the periodic table to the images relating to numbers.


Number 74 = CAR located in my bedroom by the chest of draws.

Number 74 in the periodic table is Tungsten 

So i visualise tongues in the car - ten of them. 

Art of Memory website advice from several memorist and members - don't mix up your memory palaces! Did I listen? NO! 

Now I have just tried to memorise 30 numbers in 60 seconds and failed miserably. Went to do a major systems recall check on my memory systems and found all my images were mixed in my mind and I had to think hard what the image was for certain numbers. Images of the periodic table were getting in the way. So back to the drawing board - I'm going to develop another mind palace for the periodic table but it might need a bit of practice to forget the mixed images with the periodic table in my House Palace. Oh well! Lesson Learnt.